Bent Grass



Pure Distinction

(Sowing rate: 0.7 – 1kg/100m2)   

Uniquely bright green colored, Pure Distinction takes the superb attributes of the A’s and G’s parentage — dense, upright, and aggressive growth, less thatch and easy maintenance—to the next level. Its fineness is something other bents can’t match. It’s the ultimate bentgrass for smooth and true putting greens. Pure Distinction also has exceptionally strong resistance to diseases and outstanding resistance to heat, cold and wear.


Find out more about the benefits of using Pure Distinction Turf with testimonials by champion Golfer Marcus Fraser. 


Crystal Blue Links

(Sowing rate: 0.7 – 1kg/100m2)   

Crystal BlueLinks has a semi-erect growth habit, aggressive recovery and great disease resistance making it an excellent choice for greens. It maintains very good winter color, quick spring green-up, heat and cold tolerance, and has shown unmatched exceptional shade tolerance.



Penn A-1                                                            

(Sowing rate: 0.7 – 1kg/100m2

Penn A-1 is a dark green, fine leaf creeping bent grass. It is ideal for a wide range of Australian climates as it has a great tolerance level to hot and cold temperatures.  Penn A-1 also benefits from a very high density, winter colour and superior disease resistance and provides a superb putting surface.       


Penn A-4                                                            

(Sowing rate: 0.7 – 1kg/100m2)        

Similar to Penn A-1, Penn A-4 is a dark green bent grass with a fine leaf texture and exceptional heat and cold tolerance. Penn A-4 is high density, with an aggressive growth habit and a good disease resistance profile. It provides a smooth grainless putting surface.