Where to get your Barenbrug turf?

Barenbrug’s Curator turf range is available at all leading rural retail outlets.

Curator Turf Range


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This blend has been designed specifically for use on sportsfields. This fine leaf ryegrass blend has fast germination complemented with high wear and recovery characteristics. It can be used for permanent cool season grounds or to oversow couch fields for winter wear.

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A tough blend designed to last under harsh weather conditions and rugged use. Hardwearing blend germinates and establishes quickly and is highly recommended for high wear situations such as children’s play areas and general back and front yards.


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Village Green is a rapid establishing, hard wearing and economical all-purpose blend. It is suited to all lawns, nature strips, parklands and for general erosion control. It combines the ease of establishment with management, to make an all-purpose blend for any season. Perfectly suited to landscapers for fast results on disturbed areas.


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A blend selected for shade tolerance where other varieties may struggle. Produces a fine, low growing lawn that cuts to a dense swath with dark green colour. It is also suitable for sunny areas. An ideal blend for garden areas with part or full shade, requiring a fine looking lawn.

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The Perfectionist blend is highly recommended for medium to large spaces requiring a nice dark green lawn. A durable blend for fine leaf lawns/turf producing a fast establishing, quality turf surface.


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A dark green deep rooted, disease tolerant blend. It has good wear tolerance and suits most soil types. An ideal choice for home lawns.
Watersaver Turf Blend is also suitable for oversowing or patching up fescue based laid-sod lawns.


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This blend contains 100% fine fescues and has been designed for low growing, low maintenance areas. With its short stature and shade tolerance, it is suitable for sites that require minimal inputs, and reduced mowing frequency such as trufferies, some orchard groves and vineyard situations, cemeteries and grass airstrips.


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Curator plantation blend is a winter active, semi summer dormant inter-row blend. It is specifically designed for plantation seeding including vineyards and orchards. It has winter growth and recovery providing wear tolerance for plantation machinery. Extreme drought tolerance provides a long term stand that won’t require reseeding.


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Curator Mow Saver is ideal for situations requiring minimal maintenance. This blend has improved drought tolerance and lower mowing requirements, making it perfectly suited to berry farms, vineyard inter-rows, cemeteries and industrial or estate situations that require infrequent maintenance once established.


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Super-Tuff Kikuyu is an economical blend of turf Kikuyu with the added benefits of a companion grass. This dual action blend offers the homeowner fast establishment of ryegrass plus the long-term persistence and water-saving features of Kikuyu.


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Super-Tuff couch is an economical blend of couch (Bermudagrass) with the added benefits of a companion grass. This dual action blend offers the homeowner or turf manager the fast establishment of ryegrass plus long-term persistence, water-saving and fine textured features of couch.


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The C4 lawn blend is a combination of drought tolerant AgriCOTE Bermudagrass and quick establishing ryegrass for autumn/winter applications. The C4 lawn blend is designed to provide long term Bermudagrass cover, providing fast establishing dark green winter cover with the inclusion of turf perennial ryegrass. Suitable for lawn mixes during the autumn/winter period.



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