Fine Fescue

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Barjessica Creeping Red Fescue                          

(Sowing rate: 2 - 3kg/100m2)

Excellent turf density and selected as the strong creeping red of choice by Chris Allen, Keysborough Golf Course. Not as fine leaf as Chewings, excellent coverage, produces more rhizomes (better tensile strength). Has very good wear tolerance, prefers higher mowing height of 7mm. Very good herbicide tolerance.Less bare spots for close mowing situations.


Bridgeport II Chewings Fescue                                 

(Sowing rate: 2 - 3kg/100m2)

Bridgeport II exhibits high shoot density and is able to withstand very close mowing. Bridgeport II is ideal for greens, approaches, tees, fairways and roughs. Bridgeport II is dark in colour and blends very well with other fine fescues. It is one of the highest overall rated chewings fescues for turf quality in recent USA NTEP trials. #1 rated across all assessments*. Fast germination/vigour, fine & dense, good disease resistance, very good herbicide tolerance, tufted growth habit, specific tolerance of close mowing (down to 4mm). Getting your course looking good and back into play quicker. 


* Independent trial at Keysborough Golf Course Assessed by John Neylan.                

Barcrown II Slender Creeping Red Fescue                                 

(Sowing rate: 2-3 kg/100m2

#2 performer across all assessments*, strong establishment, very fine and dense, excellent disease resistance. Has good summer
and autumn performance along with excellent salt tolerance. The Barcrown II cultivar has better wear tolerance and is specifically tolerant of close mowing (down to 4mm) with very good herbicide tolerance. Better performance in shady situations.


* Independent trial at Keysborough Golf Course Assessed by John Neylan.


Hardtop Hard Fescue                                                    

(Sowing rate: 2- 3kg/100m2

Hardtop is a highly ranked hard fescue no. 4 in NTEP data. Dark green in colour and low maintenance. Fine & dense, good disease resistance, strong heat and drought tolerance with very good herbicide tolerance. With tufted growth habit, year round green, specific tolerance of close mowing (down to 5mm) allows Hardtop to be used in many situations, including fairways. Allows you to maintain quality when the heat is on!


Sheep Fescue                                                                   

(Sowing rate: 2 - 3kg/100m2)

Sheep fescue fits perfectly on “links” style golf courses and is used mainly on roughs where it performs very well. It has high shoot density and produces a dense sward. It also benefits from excellent drought and heat tolerance.