Perennial Ryegrass

(Sowing rate per kg: 3 - 5kg/100m2)

Barolympic sets a new standard for fine dense turf that demands tolerance to close-mowing and high wear. It is an ultrafine perennial ryegrass that offers superior performance for sportsfields.

Barolympic has it all - fast germination, establishment, winter growth and exceptional density. This allows you to get back on your turf faster while handle wear during winter and hiding and fighting poa.


Barolympic is a new standard for sportsturf perennial ryegrass, suitable for:

  • Oversowing warm season bermudagrass or kikuyu fields
  • Pure ryegrass fields
  • Football/Soccer/ rugby and school fields in Australia and NZ
  • Golf green surrounds
  • Golf tees and walk offs are all perfect examples of where this grass seed mix comes into its own.


Download a copy of the Barolympic ultrafine perennial ryegrass factsheet



(Sowing rate per kg: 3 - 5kg/100m2)

Premier 3 is a third generation of the long standing Australian favourite,  Premier II ryegrass. Trialled in Australia, Premier 3 has proven excellent turf performance in  independent trials conducted by John Neylan. Premier 3 was #2 performer on combined turf performance statistics, and an improvement over the original  Premier II. This variety has high endophyte, deep green colour, very dense  tillering and strong disease tolerance. It is highly recommended for all highend sports use throughout Australia  and New Zealand.


Key features

Big brother to Premier II, #2 performer in independent trials (29 grasses including Mediterranean)

Top germination speed

Strong perennial growth habit

Leading turf visual quality (#2 ranking for all turf quality)

Dense continental characteristics leading to wear tolerance

Well suited to couch or kikuyu oversowing

Excellent disease and heat tolerance.


Download a copy of the Premier 3 factsheet.

(Sowing rate per kg: 3 - 5kg/100m2)

Barorlando is a new perennial ryegrass designed for sportsfields and couch oversowing. This medium-fine leaved perennial ryegrass has excellentlive ground cover and shoot recovery after damage. Barorlando has proven high wear tolerance, topping the STRI wear recover trial.


Key features

• Superb wear tolerance (no. 1 STRI)

• Outstanding shoot density

• Medium dark-green colour with beautiful leaf texture

• Excellent disease resistance (fusarium, red thread, rust)

• Fast shoot recovery after damage


Download a copy of the Barorlando factsheet.


(Sowing rate per kg: 3 - 5kg/100m2)             

Innovative regenerating perennial ryegrass (RPR™) is recognised as the first truly unique perennial ryegrass since 1836 and is in a category all on its own. RPR™ has a creeping growth habit that makes the turf wear like iron. RPR™ was also bred in a harsh climate to withstand drought very well. RPR – Reach Beyond. Beware of Imitations!



(Sowing rate per kg: 3 - 5kg/100m2)

A third generation Pinnacle cultivar, Pinnacle III exhibits excellent turf characteristics. Pinnacle III has a deep dark green colour, very dense tillering, high endophyte along with strong overall disease resistance. With added strong traffic tolerance, Pinnacle III is a perfect oversowing ryegrass for high wear sports. Pinnacle III is also an excellent choice for all sports use throughout Australia and New Zealand. PinnacIe III is ideal when paired with other grasses such as RPR or Barorlando.

Download a copy of the Pinnacle III factsheet.    


(Sowing rate per kg: 3 - 5kg/100m2)

Derby Xtreme is an elite fine leaf perennial ryegrass, with excellent density. Based on the latest ANTEP data 2007 & 2008, this study showed Derby Xtreme to be in the top two for overall colour *. Derby Xtreme is part of the Striker Gold program.   


(Sowing rate per kg: 2.5 - 5kg/100m2)

Barenbrug Sportsfield turf ryegrass is a versatile continental grass suited to a wide range  of climates throughout Australia and New Zealand. Sportsfield turf ryegrass is a cost-effective variety which establishes quickly to allow areas back into play in short periods of time. It has good shade tolerance and is well suited for winter oversowing of sportsfield surfaces. Sportsfield turf ryegrass can be used by itself in a mono-stand for oversowing Bermudagrass or kikuyu-based sports ovals in schools and council municipalities.  Sportsfield turf ryegrass has excellent continental ryegrass parentage exhibiting high ratings across a range of important categories. It also has excellent turf quality, wear tolerance, disease resistance, density, colour and mowability.


Download a copy of the Sportsfield factsheet.