Racecourse Grasses


Bealey is a very late flowering tetraploid perennial ryegrass ideal for cool season tracks. Independent trials conducted at Moonee Valley racetrack in Melbourne showed Bealey was clearly the best performer of all the grasses trialled, including competitor varieties and mixes such as Pharlap.
Bealey ryegrass has proven to provide significant extra winter growth, excellent root development and a darker attractive colour. Over a full year of trialling it was concluded Bealey was the #1 choice for racetrack winter performance, recovery and presentation.


• Early upright growth - Bealey is a tetraploid ryegrass making it faster out of the ground than conventional ryegrasses.
• Winter growth – Proven better winter growth and recovery than competitor options. This will improve your track presentation during key winter and spring periods.
• Root structure and growth – Bealey has excellent root structure which aids how your track performs in wet conditions.
• Deep dark colour – Bealey has a deeper darker green colour than conventional ryegrasses which will help improve the visual appeal of your track.



Rohan Spreading Perennial Ryegrass (SPR) is a unique perennial ryegrass that has the ability to spread, repair and improve track performance. Independent trials conducted by Racing Victoria have shown Rohan SPR’s superior density and root structure has led to the highest ‘going stick’ readings. Through using Rohan SPR you will see a reduction in divoting, along with good disease resistance and reduced leaf tip shred. Rohan SPR can help lessen track maintenance and improve your track presentation for peace of mind for race day or televised events.



• Less divoting – Racing Victoria trials showed Rohan SPR (and RPR) were a stand out for divoting resistance. This leads to significantly better track performance when compared to other cultivars.
• Excellent root growth and structure – Rohan SPR had the highest ‘going stick’ reading in RV trials. Greater root development means better track race performance especially in wet weather.
• Late seed head protection – Helps improve track performance in spring as Rohan SPR stays leafier longer than other varieties.
• Excellent rust resistance – Leads to better track aesthetics.



It is RPR’s regenerating ability that separates it from traditional perennial ryegrasses. RPR plants develop pseudo-stolons, which allow them to regenerate in all compass directions post-race. It has superior wear tolerance and has proven to withstand divoting and repairs itself. RPR is dark green, with dense fine tillering that makes your track not only wear better but visually is very appealing.


• Density and superior horse traffic tolerance – reduced divoting and improved track performance with reduced labour for divoting.
• Determinant stolons – patented stolon technology that can do things other grasses cannot.
• Colour and cutability – dark green colour and clean cutting ability of RPR is very appealing for both racegoers and TV events.



Striker Top Track Annual is a blend of two annual ryegrasses, Vortex and Arnie – specifically designed for kikuyu racetrack oversowing.






Why Arnie?


Why Vortex?


• Arnie is a diploid annual ryegrass selected for strong early growth, good spring growth and rust resistance.


• Vortex is the new and improved replacement for T-Rex.
• It is densely tillered with fine leaves and an upright growth habit. Due to its high tiller density, Arnie is well suited to oversowing kikuyu racetracks for winter wear. • Australian bred by Barenbrug, this grass offers excellent adaptation over a range of environments.
• Arnie has undergone more than six years of evaluation in Australia and has proven to be a highly adaptable variety. • Vortex is a fast establishing annual ryegrass with good recovery over the winter period. Selected for rust resistance and heat tolerance, Vortex is an ideal choice for oversowing warm season species such as kikuyu racetracks.
• Being diploid also means Arnie’s blades are not as slippery as glossy tetila types allowing for better track footing and performance.  



• Australian bred by Barenbrug – giving excellent adaptation
• Fast out of the ground giving your track quick results before winter
• Excellent growth in autumn/winter/spring – providing maximum recovery and track presentation
• Good heat tolerance giving you peace of mind during warm periods
• Good rust resistance aiding in less unsightly rust spores that reduce track aesthetics.