Striker Seed Range

Download a copy of the Sports & Amenity Turf Grass Seed Guide which includes all the Stiker varieties. 


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Barenbrug/Nuturf offers a wide range of turf grasses suitable for warm season, transitional and cool season zones. In these situations,a variety of turf ryegrass is recommended whether it is to be used as a temporary grass or a permanent stand.


Premium sports surfaces (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2)

NEW Striker Platinum is a combination of two of Barenbrug’s newest leading perennial turf grass varieties – Barolympic and Premier 3!
This ultrafine perennial ryegrass blend that sets a new standard in superior performance for sportsfields. Striker Platinum has fast germination and produces a very fine, dense turf for close-mowing and high wear situations.
Backed up by Independent trials in both northern warm climates (trial conducted by Matt Roche) and southern cool season climates (Trial conducted by John Neylan) these two grasses raise the bar to a new level for quality and performance for winter oversowing sportsfields


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Premium sports surfaces (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2)

An elite blend of ryegrasses containing three of the best continental varieties–Premier II, Derby Xtreme and Barorlando ryegrass. The Continental ryegrasses in this mix are backed up by independent trials conducted by John Neylan. Striker Gold is Australia’s #1 sports ground ryegrass blend. It is a significant improvement over previous commercial varieties of turf-type perennial ryegrass and Mediterranean genetics.


Download a copy of the Striker Gold ryegrass blend (southern) or Striker Gold ryegrass blend (northern) factsheet.


Read the Striker Gold success story from the Albury Tigers Oval. 



Sports fields (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2)

With better winter growth than any other perennial ryegrass, Striker Wintersport is your perfect combination of speed and density for wear tolerance.

Striker Wintersport has been designed specifically for use on sportsfields such as AFL, soccer, rugby and school grounds. This fine leaf ryegrass blend has very fast germination thanks to Journey ryegrass, and is complemented with high wear and recovery characteristics of Pinnacle III and Barorlando continental ryegrasses. It is also an excellent choice for revitalising council and school football grounds. Striker Wintersport has an attractive dark green colour and is suitable for use on permanent cool season grounds or to oversow warm season fields for winter wear. This seed blend can germinate in low temperatures making it suitable for quick repair work or preparation for finals.


Download a copy of the Striker Wintersport factsheet.


Premium sports surfaces for wear tolerance (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/ 100m2)

Striker Regenerator has been designed to give end users the best of both worlds. Using revolutionary mobile technology, it has superior wear tolerance and regeneration compared to other grasses thanks to the unique pseudo-stolons of Regenerating perennial ryegrass (RPR). Combined with Derby Xtreme ryegrass, this blend has exceptionally high turf quality as experienced on Blundstone Arena in Tasmania.


Download a copy of the Striker Regenerator factsheet.



Sports fields (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2)

Striker BF1000 has been formulated to meet the overseeding needs of the most demanding sport turf situations. BF1000 is a blend of genetically improved turf - type perennial ryegrass varieties including Pinnacle III, Premier II and Barorlando. These varieties have been chosen due to their dark green genetic colour, fine leaf texture and wear tolerance.



Sports fields (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2)
Striker Van Diemen is a blend specifically designed from independent trial work conducted in Tasmania. Striker Van Diemen is a blend of Barorlando, RPR and Derby Xtreme. These varieties were trialled by West Tamar Council on a soccer ground over a full winter where they successfully held up to wear and tear during a cold wet winter.




Sportsfields, passive recreation (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2              

GP2000 is a blend of perennial ryegrass designed for sportsfields, parks and gardens where ease of establishment is required. GP2000 includes the revolutionary Rohan SPR ryegrass and produces a hardwearing turf with excellent germination and winter vigour.




Sports fields and tees (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2)

Striker SOS (Super Over Seeder) is a unique blend that contains Panterra turf annual ryegrass and our leading turf perennial ryegrasses–Pinnacle III, Derby Xtreme and Barorlando. Striker SOS will provide an extremely fast germinating, quality dense turf with good wear tolerance and vigour during the winter period.















Perennial ryegrass racetracks (Sowing rate: 3-4kg/100m2)    

Striker Trifecta is a combination of three of the best perennial ryegrasses–Bealey, Rohan SPR and RPR. The #1 performing Bealey is unbeatable in independent trial work. The inclusion of Rohan SPR provides excellent root structure and growth late in winter/early spring. Together with RPR, Striker Trifecta is the perfect year round partnership.  


Kikuyu racetracks (Sowing rate: 2-3kg/100m2)

Striker Top Track Annual is a blend of two vigorous annual ryegrasses: Arnie diploid ryegrass and Vortex tetraploid ryegrass. Top Track Annual has been specifically designed for over-sowing Kikuyu racetracks in warmer climates.
















Golf Greens (Sowing rate: 4-6kg/100m2)

A blend of elite poa trivialis, Striker One Putt is ideal for over-seeding dormant couch greens for winter colour and wear. It will provide a medium dark green colour, with a very fine leaf texture. One Putt has excellent turf density with a more upright growth habit which makes an excellent putting surface.




Golf course surrounds, tees and fairways (Sowing rate: 2-3kg/100m2)

Striker Fine Tee is an equal proportion blend of independently trialled Bridgeport II chewings fescue and Barjessica Creeping red fescue. This fine fescue blend exhibits a very fine texture turf with high shoot density, uniformity and quality.




Tees, surrounds, feature lawns (Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2)

Emerald contains Premier III and Derby Xtreme ryegrasses with Barjessica Creeping red fescue. It has rapid germination, good wear features with shade tolerance.




Golf roughs, low maintenance areas (Sowing rate: 1-2kg/100m2)

The latest in low maintenance fine fescue cultivars, with high drought tolerance. Striker Enviro requires minimal mowing. It contains a balanced blend of Hardtop hard fescue, sheep’s fescue and Barjessica Creeping red fescue.





Lawns and dry conditions (Sowing rate: 3-4kg/100m2)

A mix of Reflection turf tall fescue and Pinnacle III turf perennial ryegrass designed for lawns and dry conditions. Reflection is a high ranking NTEP tall fescue with excellent turf quality, while Pinnacle III is a deep dark green turf ryegrass with excellent visual appeal. A mix of tall fescue and perennial ryegrass designed for tough, dry conditions.