Grain Sorghum hybrid

  • Superior standability over a different growing conditions and soil types
  • Less lodging = easier harvest and less grain loss
  • Low stay-green characteristics so dries off well before harvest
  • Medium to high tillering variety
  • Midge rating of 3

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Key features

  • Semi-open head type
  • Medium height
  • 70-72 days to flowering
  • Mid maturity option
  • Excellent seed size
  • Low-moderate stay green (dries off well pre-harvest)
  • Good lodging tolerance
  • Well suited to dryland and irrigation


Key benefits

  • Handles tough conditions
  • Well adapted to a broad range  of environments
  • Reliable and profitable
  • Solid performer year-in, year-out



  • Moderate tillering
  • Strong seedling vigour
  • Easy insect control – semi open head
  • Good standability


Crop story: Cracka - Good grain sorghum when it is tough going


Product fit

Cracka shows superior standability over a range of different growing conditions  and soil types, doing best in a yield environment of 3–6 t/ha. Less lodging means an easier harvest and less grain loss. With low stay-green characteristics, Cracka dries off well before harvest. A medium to high tillering variety, Cracka achieves its yield potential without the need to plant more seed. Cracka has shown consistent test weights in tough conditions, consistently going above the threshold for Sorghum 1 classification.

Attributes chart

Suggested planting rates

NVT sorghum performance data 2020




Pest Resistance

Following this link to learn more about the Sorghum Midge Testing Scheme



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