Heritage shares the risk with summer crop growers

With many parts of regional Australia doing it tough this year, Barenbrug is supporting farmers and rural retailers by making it easier to access high yielding hybrid grain sorghum and corn varieties through their ‘Sow the Revolution’ program.
According to Brent Scott, Barenbrug Portfolio Manager for Tropicals & Summer Crop, the initiative helps to alleviate some of the emotional and financial pressures associated with summer cropping.

“Farming communities are facing big challenges this season, and this is one way we can support them. ‘Sow the Revolution’ is about helping growers reap the benefits of investing in superior summer crop seed varieties while having greater peace of mind that Barenbrug can share some of the risk financially during a challenging start to the growing season.
“We understand that summer cropping is a significant investment that comes with a risk, particularly in the face of drought. ‘Sow the Revolution’ is about sharing that seasonal risk and giving growers a level of protection in the event of crop failure,” he said.
Now in its second year, ‘Sow the Revolution’ works by allowing growers to register their seed purchase, thereby activating a cost protection on planting seed in case of harvest failure. Once they’ve registered, growers can rest somewhat easier knowing if their crop is not ‘fit for harvest’ or cut for silage, they can submit a No Harvest claim. If approved following an inspection, they will then be credited $240 via their retailer for each bag sown.

The program is backed up by Barenbrug’ best performing hybrids. Resellers will be able to earn an attractive sales rebate structure on high yielding HM-114 and HM152 hybrid corns and HGS-102 and HGS-114 hybrid grain sorghums. This year’s program has been simplified to alleviate the administrative requirements on resellers and to encourage farmers to grow with confidence, Mr Scott explained.

“The initiative proved a success last year, with the level of grower adoption of the program far exceeding our expectations. But in response to feedback from our customers, we’ve streamlined the process to make it even easier for growers and retailers to participate.”

The upfront price on bags of seed has been removed, and replaced with extended 90-day payment terms, freeing up cash for other input costs, such as diesel, labour and fertiliser.

The grower will then have 30 days from sowing to register their purchase and activate their cost protection guarantee.
As part of the rebate structure, there is a requirement to complete an online in-crop inspection report.
"In a climate of uncertainty with regards to rainfall, ‘Sow the Revolution’ provides an incentive for growers to buy and sow premium corn and sorghum varieties, even if soil and weather conditions are not optimal, in the hope of capitalising on an improvement in conditions that result in a successful harvest” Mr Scott said.
Mr Scott believes that the program is a great example of how businesses can support farming communities during difficult conditions.

“At a time when morale may be low, we want growers to know that we have their back, and that we are doing our part to help. Through ‘Sow the Revolution’ our aim is to be able to deliver the best product, advice and service so that they can grow with confidence this season,” he said.

Sow the Revolution launches in September. For more information, resellers should contact their local Barenbrug Territory Manager.