A tropical pasture mix for you

As the summer months approach, opportunity for developing pasture in dryland or irrigated settings in northern Australia arises.


Every farm has a unique set of parameters – soil, weather, desired outcomes that influence the decision making process on which grass and legume is best suited to your circumstances.


Barenbrug is excited to launch our Tropical Custom Mix campaign, to highlight the knowledge, expertise and range of grasses and legumes suited to northern Australia. The campaign will be active between September 2022 and February 2023 – the ideal time for planning, planting and harvesting tropical pasture grasses and legumes.


We will work with you to determine the best combination of grasses and legumes based on your farm and what you want to achieve. Our team of territory managers can offer valuable and timely advice to guide farmers and retailers to make informed decisions to improve pasture for grazing, cropping and hay and silage.


Our commitment to northern Australia includes research, warehousing and testing facilities to provide a greater service to farmers and resellers.


Farmers can be confident that Barenbrug seed has optimised pasture performance while maintaining the health of the soil, so you can #growwithconfidence and know that we have a tropical pasture mix that is tailored to suit you.